5P Vision Blueprint by AGContext


Share your vision and create confidence

“In every case in which a project team functions effectively, the team had a clear understanding of its objective”

– Steve McConnell in Software Project Survival Guide.



Projects without a Vision become everything for everybody. Confusion reigns and projects are railroaded by self-interest, internal politics and indecision. Nobody can clearly explain why the project exists or what value it is creating. Meetings achieve nothing but waste everybody’s time. Money is spent without accountability or outcome.


A lack of strategy means that your technology problems can never be resolved. There are no structures and standards in place and the sheer volume of information is overwhelming. Your data is hidden throughout your disparate share drives and bespoke management systems. You are powerless to create the change you need.


If people aren’t working for a purpose they are working for themselves. Projects that are not clear in their vision prevent communication and collaboration. It is impossible to build the support you need to create action and build resilience. When people leave, your business stops. Fear of change prevents progress and improvement.


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Empower your information technology initiative for success


An AGContext 5P Vision statement will bring depth of understanding to your initiative. It will map the organisation and inspire your possibilities. Your Vision is the source of your courage needed to manage the challenges and implement the changes of your digital initiative.


At its core, developing a 5P Vision for your project is a targeting exercise. You can’t do everything for everybody, but you can be tactical about the problems you can to solve. Targeting your resources on core problems creates the credibility you need to get your initiative supported.


Your Vision defines what you consider important. The systems, process and people that are the priority for your technology initiatives. By describing your current situation, where you want to be and how to get there, you take control over your destiny. You take control over technology.

Design Your Future

Your Vision is the statement of authority that sets the expectations for everyone involved in your project. It is the source of your momentum that drives your business improvement initiatives forward.

Your AGContext 5P Vision Statement will describe your project in a way that is clear, concise and precise. Our template will help you to bring clarity to your information technology initiative:

  1. Purpose: Your business need and what do you want to achieve.
  2. People: Who benefits, who changes and who decides.
  3. Problem: What are the barriers to change, what’s relevant or not.
  4. Platforms: What data and technology are you building upon.
  5. Pathway: What are your project milestones, objectives and outcomes.

The AGContext 5P Vision Blueprint is the foundation upon which you can take control over technology.

This Is Your Vision

Your AGContext Project Vision Statement will be:

  • Credible: telling a story in an informed way that is powerfully motivating and sincerely describes an inspiring future.
  • Targeted: making it easy to determine what should be in scope, and what should not.
  • Realistic: identifying your “flag on the hill” and how you will know you have reached it.
  • Concise: being short and sweet with no meaningless fluff, industry jargon or
    technology gobbledygook.
  • Intentional: your first set of project goals to set your direction and key milestones.
  • Memorable: with an interesting description that is direct, honest and most of all, makes sense.
  • A Story: your project story in which every word holds weight and the reader gets what you want to do.

All For You

Our service is designed to be 100% confidential. We know that developing a Vision for a new project can be a sensitive task. We will speak only to those people you want us to speak to. It is our view that everything we write is yours to claim. We want you to take all the credit because we want you to get your project up and running. An AGContext Project Vision Statement is not about us, it’s always about you.



Our mission is to empower business managers to take control over technology and create a booming business in a thriving community.

To create your Project Vision Statement, you will be working with Carl Sudholz, our company founder. Carl is an experienced Digital Transformation Specialist. He has logged over 15,000 hours working in information technology projects for a wide variety of organisations from small regional businesses, to large Federal Government agencies.
Carl’s professional specialty is in creating alignment between the information technology of a business and its people, so that all are working together towards a common purpose. He holds the degrees of Bachelor of Science and Master of Sustainable Practice. His academic training has focused on how information technology enables decision making in business. He is a certified business analyst and Director Secretary of the Australia Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis. He is also the host of our YouTube channel, AGContextTV.

Carl has delivered projects for the Australia Government’s Bioregional Assessment Program and created Project Vision Statements for innovative businesses including PBSeeds and Murray Dairy.

Carl knows what it takes to manage a digital transformation project from start to finish. He brings to all clients, his deep knowledge about how to align digital technology with people-centered business operations. Carl has developed the AGContext Project Vision Statement as an invaluable tool for keeping high-stakes digital transformation projects out of trouble.

Carl Sudholz, Founder of AGContext