AGContext Rapid Review for business improvement projects

The AGContext Rapid Review is a two hour facilitated workshop that brings clarity across the purpose, problems and priorities of your business improvement projects.

Turn Your Problems Into Purpose

Your business is constantly changing and evolving and keeping up can be overwhelming.

There is a constant stress between what your customers want for you and the ability of your business software and systems to meet the new standard. For example:

  • Customers expect more accessible online services but you have no customer management system.
  • Employees want more flexibility to work outside of the office but your data is stuck on your office computers.
  • With more data than ever, you have no more insight for making better decisions.
  • Mix and matched software don’t work together costing you time and frustration.

Unless you change and adapt, you risk your costs going up and your customers going elsewhere.

Overwhelmed with change

When you decide to make changes to how you manage information in your business there can be several roadblocks that prevent progress. Some of the top reasons include:

Disagreement about goals

Without clear goals, it is not possible to put in place the strategy, plans and actions that are needed when making change to your business systems. Without effective leadership, data becomes locked away in silos making it difficult to share information between both technology and people is difficult. This can be exacerbated by a culture of patch-protection that prevents knowledge sharing.

Lack of experience

Many organisations simply do not have the expertise on hand. They simply don’t have access to the information management experts who can find a way forward. Many businesses are using software that simply isn’t appropriate for their requirements. Without the expertise needed to find the right match, then end up with software that is too complicated, limited, expensive or hard to use.

Not getting started

The software systems once worked well are not as reliable as they used to be. Upgrading your systems is all too hard and not a priority. It’s better the devil you know, as the say. That’s until your customers and employees start leaving you because you have not been able to keep up the technology curve.

The wrong software

Often because of the reasons above, businesses get stuck using software that ins’t a good fit. It’s too complicated, limited, expense, or is not compatible with other systems. As a result, systems don’t talk to each other and the time required for business administration is much higher than necessary. Information becomes unmanageable because there are no formal structures or standards in place.

Empower your priorities

Knowing your Why is the key to overcoming the top challenges of improving your business information management. Without being clear in your purpose and priority, resolving the complex questions of your data, information and software is left to chance.

It is the best way to identify how today’s data and software technologies may be leveraged to grow your business. With a new perspective you will be able to focus your resources on upgrade your systems, optimizing your process and achieving your business goals.

Accelerate your business with:

  • Sustainable long-term solutions that work.
  • Robust processes that provide resilience.
  • Business systems that can grow as you do.

Take the next step to:

  • Turn your data into your best asset.
  • Feel confident in the decision you make.
  • Take pride in your quality of service.

The AGContext Rapid Review

The AGContext Rapid Review is your first step towards making your software work for you. It is designed with the knowledge of international best practice and over a decade of applied project experience in business analysis and information management. The success of any business improvement project is its ability to turn problems into purpose.

The AGContext Rapid Review is the first stage in each of our services. We have used it successfully to deliver software upgrade projects for many of our clients. We take the time to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page when it comes to the purpose and priorities of your business improvement project.

The review is suitable for projects in:

  • Business process improvement
  • Customer relationship management
  • Data integration.
  • Digital transformation.

The review is idea for any of the major IT project stages:

  • Project initiation.
  • Quarterly review.
  • Stage transition.
  • Disaster review.
  • Project Close

“The way you worked with us to learn how our business operated what was required for our new system was very professional and nothing was a problem. I have no hesitation in recommending you services to anyone.”

Rowan Laurent, Owner – Solar Tinting Centre, Wagga Wagga New South Wales

How Our Review Works

The AGContext Rapid Project Review is focused and intense two hour facilitated conversation that gets to the heart of the purpose and problems of your business or project. The review has two stages:


1. The Workshop

In this two-hour team discussion we will steps through the areas that make up your project: Purpose, People, Platforms and Problems.

In the workshop you will:

  • Identify and/or reflect on your project purpose.
  • Have an open and honest conversation about your progress.
  • Refocus on the people who your project is meant to benefit.
  • Prioritize your most important and pressing problems.
  • Identify lessons learnt and create your project action plan.

2. The Analysis

We will analyse your interview and create your project review. As a result, you will gain a new perspective on how to improve your data and information management.

The analysis will:

  • summarize the workshop lessons into a short report.
  • document your core business model and purpose.
  • expose the gaps that preventing your progress.
  • highlight your high priority problems and issues.
  • recommend your best options and next steps.

Let’s Chat!

Now is the time for you to leverage your business data and begin the next stage of your business improvement journey. The world isn’t going to wait for you and you can’t afford to lag begin.

Make the decision that will take your customer sales and service to the next level.