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Rapid Project Review

The AGContext Rapid Review is a two hour workshop to define your purpose, unpack your problems and prioritize your projects for business improvement.

Turn Problems Into Purpose.

Your business is constantly growing and evolving, otherwise it is dying. As you make the transition from old to new, you have to deal with both technical and people problems. Your staff performance is reduced because it takes time to learn and change to the new tools. There is a constant stress between maintaining the legacy systems that drive your profitability while at the same time, trying to keep up with the technology trends and changing expectations. Without a simple approach for project priority and review, progress becomes a difficult conversation that we prefer to avoid. As a result, things just seem to get worse and never any better.

Empower Your Priorities

The AGContext Rapid Project Review will bring a new perspective to the headaches of your technology projects. It will help you to be more targeted with integrating your information technology and optimizing your business process.

  • There are thousands of software products to choose from, so how do you know which is best?
  • As your business evolves, it becomes reliant on yesterdays technology, so how do you upgrade your systems, without hurting your profits?
  • The impacts of innovation on people’s jobs is always uncertain, so how do you manage change to ensure your effort is worth it?

Your project review will help you to identify the low-cost opportunities and strategic wins of your initiative. In addition, the review will help improve the strategic decision making and change management throughout your organisation. It will confirm your priorities by exploring how your systems are performing against the key foundations that drive success in business improvement projects.

Accelerate your business with:

  • Sustainable long term solutions that work.
  • Robust processes that provide resilience.
  • Business systems that can grow as you do.

Take the next step to:

  • Turn your data into your best asset.
  • Feel confident in the decision you make.
  • Take pride in your quality of service.

How Our Project Review Works

The AGContext Rapid Project Review is fast. A focused and intense two hours of facilitated conversation designed to get the heart of the purpose and problems of your project. In the review, we compare your current project status against the project framework described by the AGContext Journey of Business Transformation. It explores how your project aligns platforms with people and purpose in order to determine where things are out of sync. By prioritizing your problems you will be better placed to target your efforts towards aligning your information systems to your most important business needs.

The rapid project review has two stages:

The Workshop

In this two-hour team discussion we will steps through the areas that make up your project: Purpose, People, Platforms and Problems. In the workshop you will:

  • Identify and/or reflect on your project purpose.
  • Have an open and honest conversation about your project progress.
  • Connect back to the people who your project is meant to benefit.
  • Prioritize your most important and pressing problems.
  • Identify lessons learnt and create your project action plan.

The Analysis

We will analyse your interview and create your project review. As a result, you will gain a new perspective on how to improve your data and information management. The analysis will:

  • summarize the conversations of the workshop into our review report.
  • contrast your process against industry best practice.
  • expose gaps that prevent you connecting data to your decisions.
  • recommend the best use of time and money to achieve your goals.
  • document your project review action plan.

Who Is The Project Review For?

Our Rapid Project Review is suitable for any project looking to deliver outcomes in:

  • Digital transformation.
  • Software focused business improvement.
  • Customer and sales management.
  • Financial management systems.
The review can be used to inform any of the major stages of an IT Project:

  1. Project initiation.
  2. Quarterly review.
  3. Stage transition.
  4. Disaster review.
  5. Project Close.

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