Initial Needs Assessnent by AGContext


First bring clarity to your problem

“Clarity of vision is the key to achieving your objectives.”

– Tom Steyer, American philanthropist & environmentalist.


Big Data. Cloud. IoT. AI. Apps. Scrum. Crypto. Digital Transformation. Not only is the number of information technology solutions exploding, so too is the jargon. Keeping up is overwhelming and most is not relevant to your business. You need a way to decide which technology matters to you and why.


Your business systems are the foundation of your business. They are not perfect but they work well enough, most of the time.  The thought of what could go wrong if you change or replace them sends shivers down your spine. You think first of all that could go wrong. Nothing changes until its too late.


Creating disruption within your own business isn’t an idea you are willing to consider. You have got this far and your not about to throw that away, but you know you must change. Now you are stuck between the rock of your existing business systems and the hard place of your changing customer needs.


An Initial Needs Assessment is your first step towards taking control over technology.

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The AGContext Initial Needs Assessment is your first safe step into the wild world of digital transformation. It is simply a conversation about your problems with technology in your business.

The assessment is more than a simple friendly chat. It is a guided conversation design to help you crystallize your thinking about your business and your technology based challenges and opportunities. It is a quick fire analysis, that enables you to get to the heart of your problem in a short but highly valuable 90 minutes.

During the 45 minute assessment, we walk you through a specific set of questions and being to formulate your initial project concept. We explore the first three components of the  5P Vision Blueprint:

  1. PURPOSE: What is that you want to achieve and why.
  2. PEOPLE: Who are the people who have the most to gain from you initiative.
  3. PROBLEM: What are the reasons and needs of the problem you wish to solve.

After the consult and on the basis of our conversation, we will provide you with an outline of your project idea. This one page document will summarize your idea in a way that can be easily shared with others. It may even include an initial estimate of the budget range that could be expected for a project like yours.


Our mission is to empower business managers to take control over technology and create a booming business in a thriving community.

To create your Project Vision Statement, you will be working with Carl Sudholz, our company founder. Carl is an experienced Digital Transformation Specialist. He has logged over 15,000 hours working in information technology projects for a wide variety of organisations from small regional businesses, to large Federal Government agencies.
Carl’s professional specialty is in creating alignment between the information technology of a business and its people, so that all are working together towards a common purpose. He holds the degrees of Bachelor of Science and Master of Sustainable Practice. His academic training has focused on how information technology enables decision making in business. He is a certified business analyst and Director Secretary of the Australia Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis. He is also the host of our YouTube channel, AGContextTV.

Carl has delivered projects for the Australia Government’s Bioregional Assessment Program and created Project Vision Statements for innovative businesses including PBSeeds and Murray Dairy.

Carl knows what it takes to manage a digital transformation project from start to finish. He brings to all clients, his deep knowledge about how to align digital technology with people-centered business operations. Carl has developed the AGContext Project Vision Statement as an invaluable tool for keeping high-stakes digital transformation projects out of trouble.

Carl Sudholz, Founder of AGContext