Digital Action Plan by AGContext


Your Plan Is Your Future

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”

– Tony Robbins in Awaken The Giant Within.



A project that has no plan has no sense of direction. People are confused about what they are doing. Nothing gets started, progressed or achieved. People are free to do whatever they believe is right, which almost always becomes what is right for them. There is no accountability.


Every digital transformation project is about managing through change. Projects without a plan descend into chaos. Decisions have no consistency and the loudest voices tend to win the attention and resources of the moment. There is no consistency in the priority of what gets done.


Important decisions are made by personal opinion. Some team members do everything, others do nothing.  There is no accountability. Money is spend and time wasted to achieve nothing. People compete rather than collaborate. Projects without a plan are consumed by frustration.

Your Digital Action Plan by AGContext will guide your project towards success in your digital future.


You need to know your purpose and the problem before you can create an effective plan of action. Your Digital Action Plan begins with Initial Needs Assessment.



An AGContext Digital Action Plan will enable you to describe your goal and the steps to achieve them. By prioritizing your most important tasks, you gain the clarity you need to allocate resources, delegate tasks and make real progress towards your Project Vision.


The AGContext Digital Action Plan breaks down the seemingly overwhelming outcomes of your Project Vision into small and management chunks. Action planning enables decisions and progress. It creates the confidence of knowing how you can achieve your project goals.


When you take targeted action you begin to break down the barriers that are holding your organisation back. Your action plan enables you to build the collaboration you need to implement your Vision. It is your plan for action that empowers you to take control over technology.

Your Success Blueprint

The AGContext Digital Action Plan has been developed especially for digital transformation projects. The kinds of projects that deliver improvements or upgrades to the existing technology and processes that are currently driving your business operations. It is the continually evolving blueprint the breaks down your project milestones into manageable actions that can be appropriate resourced and delivered.

  1. Current State: What is going on in your project right now.
  2. Priorities: What are your priorities for the next three months.
  3. Future State: Aligned with your vision what does success look like?
  4. User Stories: Who is this work to benefit and why is it valuable?
  5. Definition of Done: How do you know when you have achieved your goal?

The AGContext Digital Action Plan describes how you will bring your Project Vision to life.

This Is Your Plan

Your AGContext Digital Action Plan will be:

  • Credible: telling a story in an informed way that is powerfully motivating and sincerely describes an inspiring future.
  • Targeted: making it easy to determine what should be done, and what should not.
  • Realistic: identifying your objectives and how you will know you have achieved them.
  • Concise: setting out the most direct possible pathway to achieving your project goals.
  • Intentional: stay focused on tasks that deliver only against your milestones, objectives and outcomes.
  • Memorable: actions that are direct, honest and most of all, make sense.
  • A Story: a plan of action that tells everyone what you are going to do and why.