Frustrated by legacy technology limiting your growth?

Overwhelmed by which technology is best fit for your business?

of businesses*

85% of businesses don’t know how to utilize the data they have at their disposal.

* PwC Data and Analytics Survey 2016

Get back in control of your technology

The AGContext Data Priority Scan is a guided self-assessment to enable you to take back control over the data and technology in your business. Our Scan will help you set your priority for how data and technology can be leveraged by you and your employees. Once again, your data and technology will serve your needs, rather than you being servant to legacy systems and outdated processes in your business.

Discover your confidence 

The AGContext Data Priority Scan will break down how you manage and use data and technology in your organisation. It will explore how your business is performing against the key foundations that connect data to the decision makers of your organisation.  

Foundation 1

Know your purpose.

Foundation 2

Business is a system of systems.

Foundation 3

Data is a user of your technology.

Foundation 4

People must to be empowered to perform.

Foundation 5

Data, technology and people must connect.

The AGContext Data Priority Scan makes clear your opportunities for unlocking the potential of technology in your business. The Scan explorers your view of data and information management using the AGContext Data Services Design Architecture. You scan will show you the new perspective that you need to solve your data and technology problems.

Data Services Design Architcture for creating a data driven enterprise

The Data Services Design Architecture describes how data connects to decision making in an organisation.

The Data Priority Scan will enable you to be more targeted with integrating your information technology and optimizing your business process. Your Scan will help you to identify the low-cost opportunities and strategic wins that comes from creating a more sophisticated decision-making capability throughout your organisation. 

Your Data Priority Scan is only $195.00 including GST.

How it works

The AGContext Data Priority Scan has two stages:

Stage 1: The Self-Assessment Interview

In this two-hour structured interview we will guide your through a series of questions designed to uncover how you are managing data and information in your business.  The self-assessment uses the AGContext Data Services Design Architecture to help you think objectively about the management of data, information and technology in your business. 

The interview is conducted and recorded using the online conferencing tool, Join.Me. You will be required to have an internet connection, webcam and microphone suitable for online conferencing.

Carl Sudholz will lead your Data Priority Scan interview. Carl is the founder of AGContext and creator of Data Services Design.

Carl has logged more than 15,000 hours in the design and delivery of data and technology projects for business and government. This includes projects delivered for the Australian Government’s Bioregional Assessment Program for industry leading businesses including Bayer Crop Science, PBSeeds and Murray Dairy.

Carl Sudholz is the Principled Leader at AGContext

Carl Sudholz will lead your interview.

Stage 2: Your Report Delivered

Our team will transcribe your interview and break it down into a your own summary report that presents your interview through the lens of the Data Services Design Architecture. The scan will make clear, your pathway towards more data driven decision making in your organisation.

Your Scan will be delivered within five business days of your interview. 

Your Data Priority Scan is only $195.00 including GST.

Are you ready for improved confidence?

The AGContext Data Priority Scan gives you the confidence to integrate your technology and optimize your business process. With your Data Priority Scan you can:

  • Take the first step towards better decision making processes
  • Recognise areas where strategic advantage can be leveraged
  • Identify data-based strategic and tactical opportunities
  • Enable faster and more sophisticated decision making
  • Discover your low-hanging-fruit opportunities
  • Systematically work through a collaborative discovery process
  • Understand the quality of your data and data management

Your Data Priority Scan is only $195.00 including GST.

AGContext: Connect Data to Your Decisions

AGContext are independent technology consultants who specialise in business systems integration and process optimization.

Our mission is enable people like you, to unlock the potential of data and technology in decision making and service delivery.

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