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AGContext Enlighten is for people who want to align profit and sustainability in order to create a more conscious company.

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Welcome to AGContext Enlighten

AGContext Enlighten is an online resource portal for people seeking to gain control over their business systems.

Align you information technology with your people so that you can save more time, and achieve your purpose.

The mission for AGContext Enlighten is: Learn, Lead, Legacy.

AGContext Enlighten is about building systems for people and protecting the planet. Resources explore how to use software technology and information management to drive sustainability and profitability through our businesses. It is about being leaders in our organisations, communities, industry or discipline.

AGContext Enlighten helps people to learn, lead and leave a legacy. It is an online resource that enables people to step up and create businesses that help the world solve problems about energy production, waste management or adapt to climate change.

Create your legacy for yourself and your community.

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Who is this for?

AGContext Enlighten for business people who want to create a business that is more sustainable and profitable. We are focused on the Owners, Executives and Managers of businesses that are typically classified as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). That is, an organisation with less than 100 employees.

When it comes to creating a more conscious company, SME’s have two unique advantages.

They make up more than 98% of all business in Australia and are therefore, the foundation of our economy. The SME community has a big influence on the way business in done in Australia.

People who work in SMEs have skin in the game. This is the number one quality that is required for reducing the impact of business. More than big business, the people in SMEs care about the impact they have and are more willing and able to change.


Learning with an open mind is the key to creating a better world.


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Leave the world a better place for future generations.

AGContext Enlighten is for people who:

  • are committed to driving a triple bottom line approach through their business.
  • are regional business leaders
  • want to gain control over their information management.
  • want to step up into business leadership role
  • seek to leave a legacy for themselves, families and communities in the future.
  • do not wish to destroy the world in which we all live.

AGContext Enlighten is a place for learning how business analysis is used to create new business systems that are profitable and sustainable.  Here we explore the innovations that bring together the worlds of business analysis, information technology and sustainable practice. This is about how to create a conscious company. One that serves some selfless purpose for the benefit of people and planet.

Here, we attempt to understand how to create business systems that are both profitable and sustainable.

Founding Principles

AGContext Enlighten is founded on these statements:

Business is a system of systems. A business is an organisation makes outputs from inputs. That is, it takes resources such as steel, water, electricity and the labor of employees to turns it into some designed outputs that we call products and services, such as a car, computer, pot plant or coffee. In this sense, a business is a system of systems.

Data influences business decisions. In business, data has a significant influence on business decisions and people who make data driven decisions gain a significant advantage in the marketplace.

Change in business is a journey. Change in business journey from where we are now, to where we want to be.  We believe that the secret to becoming a more conscious company means aligning your platforms and people with your purpose.  This approach is described by The AGContext Journey of Business Transformation.

Our systems of business are killing our planet. The undervalued and wasted outputs of business, accumulate into the environment to cause the environmental issues of our time, such as climate change and species decline. If we don’t change our business systems, our planet will change them for us.

The purpose behind AGContext Enlighten

AGContext Enlighten is the result of the life purpose of founder, Carl Sudholz. It was the year 2000, when Carl was 21 years old that he first recognized that Climate Change would become the greatest global issue of this century. A few years later, Carl made the choice to dedicate his career to solving this crisis.

To solve this crisis, we must remove from our collective business systems and value chains, those outputs that are accumulating in nature such as carbon, chemicals and plastics. This means being more conscious of the impacts our business systems have on the world. It requires empowering people in business to “think global, act local”. AGContext Enlighten aims to help people in small and medium business to achieve this outcome.

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Carl Sudholz, Founder at AGContext