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IT Consultants and Independent Business Analysts

AGContext are IT Consultants helping business to take control over technology. Our technology specialists and business analysts provide support to business in Wagga Wagga, Albury, Griffith and Canberra.

Smart systems for better business.

Is your business keeping up with advances in information technology (IT) so that you can deliver the level of service your staff and customers expect?

If you answered no then we want to help.

The AGContext mission is to empower business to become more sustainable and profitable. We believe that business holds the key to the sustainable future of Australia. But we’ve hit a critical point because technology is driving change at an unprecedented rate. This means our workplaces must adapt or otherwise fall by the wayside. Now is not the time to look the other way in hope that “she’ll be right, mate”.

You know your business better than anyone, but we know business systems.

We can help you to align your information technology so that your business can move from where it is now to where it needs to be.


What our IT consultants do

As an independent IT consultant and business analyst, Carl Sudholz specializes in customer and financial management systems for small and medium sized business. In other words, he can help you to walk the journey that aligns your platforms with your people so that you can achieve your purpose.

Carl will partner with you to:

  • Advise on new technology trends and best practice.
  • Design IT initiatives to align with business strategy.
  • Evaluate and purchase the best software for you.
  • Integrate systems and automate your business process.
  • Enhance existing systems for better functionality.
  • Develop project plans and timelines.
  • Oversee technology implementation.
  • Document and manage continual improvement practices.
  • Manage vendors and tech partners on your behalf.
  • Implement systems that are secure and future proof.
Carl Sudholz - IT Consultant helping people to save time and gain control in their business.

Carl Sudholz, Independent IT Consultant

Our clients include

Our clients include PBSeeds Our clients include Murray Dairy Our clients include the Bioregional Assessment Program

“Carl enabled us to make transforming change in our business so that we could organise and supply our national customer orders more easily and efficiently.”

Janine Sounness, Commercialisation Manager – PBSeeds

IT Consulting Services

Working with Carl begins with a discovery conversation so that we can listen and learn about you and your business. He will ask a lot of questions in order to understand your:

  • business vision and goals.
  • current technology mix.
  • data sources and reporting needs.
  • strengths, weaknesses and challenges.
  • opportunities for improvement.

Work with Carl as your independent technology partner to support your business improvement initiatives from start to finish.


Carl will analyse your company’s current digital systems to uncover critical areas for improvement and then guide you through the digital transformation process.


As your strategic partner, Carl will support you to map your digital transformation journey so that you know how each improvement is being implemented.


Carl will manage your digital transformation project from start to finish until your business systems are streamlined, secure and sustainable.

We work remote

Because of the National Broadband Network, the physical location of the workplace is no longer a limitation. By working remote, we can provide you with the support your information technology initiatives. All we need is a high quality internet connection. Welcome to the new world of work!

Who We Work With

Carl Sudholz is an independent software consultant who can partner with any business that requires help to improve their business systems. However, his passion is with supporting the business innovators in regional Australia located in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory (Canberra) and Victoria.

As an IT Consultant, Carl has worked with a variety of industry sectors including:

IT Consultants for agribusiness
IT Consultants for industry development
Independent software advice for professional services