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Carl’s Top 25 Systems Integration Tips

Carl’s Top 25 Systems Integration Tips

Christmas is here, the season of giving. What better way to give than to offer agriculture and food-related businesses tips, tools and tricks to transform their business in the new year?

This Christmas, Carl Sudholz, owner of AG Context, is offering the LinkedIn community his top 25 tips to integrate technology into agriculture and food focused businesses. Throughout December, Carl will share a tip a day, ending the series on Christmas Day.

Follow the conversation on LinkedIn through the hashtag phrase: #25xmastips 4 #agtech.

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These tips will provide valuable systems integration insights to help businesses use their data to make informed decisions. He will share the playbook he uses every day to help his clients transform their businesses into more data-driven enterprises. Carl will draw from lessons learned during his 20-year career, two degrees, half a PhD and 100s of projects, to show Australian agribusiness how to connect data and decisions.

Many agribusinesses have lagged behind when it comes to integrating technology, however, understanding and applying systems integration is essential to remain competitive. It’s an intimidating undertaking, but with proper guidance, agriculture- and food-focused businesses can reap exponential benefits.

Carl offers the systems integration information that many businesses lack. This month, during his #25xmastips campaign, he will teach organisations how to find their purpose, adapt to technology, take responsibility and ownership of their data, how to prepare for failure, and more.

This information is exclusively available through our video channel on LinkedIn, #AGContextTV.

Don’t let another Christmas go by before you incorporate or enhance your systems integration!

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