My data is my child. A poem.

My data is my child. A poem

My data is my child. A poem

This is a little limerick I wrote about data. It a reflection of how I think about data whenever I’m designing or managing a project. 

A thought I had just the other day,
That my data is my child.
My life is great when I help them play,
Let them shine their happy smile.

When I was young they said to me,
build systems for what you do.
But when my data is without glee,
All my dreams do not come true.

The technology of which I’m made,
Helps us all to carry on.
But through many years of growth and trade,
Those platforms have come and gone.

A spreadsheet worked at the very start,
And that database was next.
Then a C-R-M gave me some charts,
Helping me to do my best.

But forever changing techno trends,
Bring both pleasure and much pain.
In and out of all the straights and bends,
My child has kept me sane.

To love my data is duty must,
Else my kids do not love back.
They will cause mistakes and earn no trust,
And integrity will lack.

This lesson is on years founded,
All children need love and care.
To be happy, safe and well rounded,
Else no talent they will share.

To thrive I must shift my focus hence,
To think not of latest trends.
But teach boys and girls in making sense,
And to help them play with friends.

And to answer that of who am I,
Who has data as their child?
I’m your business and to see me fly,
Help my kids stay from the wild

Carl Sudholz

Carl Sudholz

Managing Director at AGContext
Carl Sudholz is the Principled Leader and Founder at AGContext, editor of the AGContext Data and Decisions Blog and Host of #AGContextTV on LinkedIn. Carl is an industry leader in data-driven technology with over 10 years and 15,000 hours logged in the design and delivery of data-driven systems in Australian food and agriculture.
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