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#25xmastips 4 #agtech Week 4

#25xmastips 4 #agtech Week 4

These are videos from week four of #25xmastips 4 #agtech on #AGContextTV.

Tip 22: Don’t Jump To Solutions

The conversation goes something like this.


  1. Boss: We need a project management tool, go get one.
  2. Employee: Ok (signs up).

Three Years Later:

  1. Boss: Why are we paying $20K per year for this Project Management Tool? Who uses this?
  2. Employee (different person the first, the first left two years ago): What project management tool?

Yes, you know this story.

Tip 23: Invest in Problems, Not Projects

When was the last time you heard of a data and technology that had too much money?

You didn’t!

Data and technology projects always scale to the budgets that are set, regardless of how they are set.

2018 is the year to flip your technology project thinking. Define your project budget and then scale your teams and technology to fit. And when you do, you will be one step closer to connecting your data and decisions.

Tip 24: Empower Your People

Empower your people and your empower your technology. Empower your technology and you empower your data. Empower your data and empower you decisions.


Tip 25: Celebrate! (And Merry Christmas)

Celebrate your achievements as if it’s Christmas Day!

When the work is done, and your business is better. Take the time out to stop, reflect and celebrate what you have achieved.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Glorious New Year 2018.

Carl Sudholz is the founder at AGContext and specialist in the integration of information technology within organisations. He holds two degrees, is a certified Business Analyst and a Director of the Australia Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis. Carl’s expertise and experience spans 15 years serving public, private and non-for-profit organisations to take control over technology.