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#25xmastips 4 #agtech Week 3

#25xmastips 4 #agtech Week 3

These are videos from week three of #25xmastips 4 #agtech on #AGContextTV.

Tip 15: Make Daily Backups Of Your Data

Set and forget, but don’t regret Daily backups of your data is the most important thing you can do to ensure that your business doesn’t suffer the costs of the inevitable failure of computers.

  • Crashes
  • Viruses
  • Hard Drive Failure
  • Physical Computer Damage
  • Theft

These are the common and always around the corner risks to your data and information systems. Good news is, that daily backup routines and inexpensive and easy to automate. You just need to do it.

Question. Do you make a a daily data backup of your core business data?

No? Then stop what you are doing, and get that sorted out.

Tip 16: Get Skin In The Game.

The people who use the technology in your business, need have a stake in decisions about the technology that they use. People without skin in the game, make important decisions on the basis of pre-existing experience and personal interest. That is not the pathway towards unlocking the benefits of becoming a more data-driven enterprise.

Instead, do this:

  1. Run your process improvement as projects.
  2. Change the mentality of senior management to delegate and collaborate.
  3. Empower the people who use the system of your business to make decisions about those systems.

Leveraging data and technology in your business, is all about having people with skin in the game making decisions about the game.

Tip 17: Seek To Utilise, Not Replace

When was the last time you asked what else can your #data and #technology do for you?

More often than not, the way we use our #tech in #business doesn’t change, even though new functions and features are being added all of the time.

I challenge you to ask yourself two questions.

  1. How can I use my data more effectively?
  2. What else can I do with the technology I already have?
  3. Do that and I bet you will discover many advantages you never knew you had.

Tip 18: Duplication is the Devil

If you want to save time and money by streamlining your business process, look for duplication and eliminate it. One of the big reasons duplication of data and process occurs is that the purpose of different systems in the business is not clear or aligned with the needs of employees. Thus the employees create workarounds to suit their jobs.

Tip 19: There Are No Experts

Data and infotech evolves and moves way to fast to develop any kind of deep expertise. But the time you have done your 2000 – 5000 hours of expertise development the technology has fundamentally changed and you have to start learning a new. Fact is, everybody is just making it up as they go along!

With it comes to the high tech, there are only two types of people:

  1. Specialists: Those who spend their life in the weeds of code and consequence of #technology. These people know the ins and outs but they wrap themselves up in hard to understand jargon.
  2. Sales People: Those who sell the tech. There are great with the communication, cutting through the jargon and inspiring people. Their technical knowledge is limited.

So, as a rule of thumb it goes like this:

  1. Specialists are great and get the job done.
  2. Sales People are great and get the job done.
  3. Specialist who try to be sales people often have trouble explaining things clearly.
  4. Sales people who try to be specialists get themselves and others into trouble.

Tip 20: Keep Your Data Safe.

Do you leave your home unlocked when you go to work?

Do you leave your work unlocked when you go home?

No. So, don’t do the same with your online life either. You need to keep your passwords strong and secure. 10 Character random character codes, or 16 character pass phrases are the minimum standard for passwords in the online world. However, if you set yourself up right, it’s not very hard to management. And a hell of a lot easier to manage than having your identity stolen by hackers.

Tip 21: All Technology Is Fragile

In the big scheme of your business, all technology is fragile. You need to manage proactively it, so it doesn’t break when you need it most. Just you like invest in the maintenance of your cars, trucks, building and machines, you need to invest in your data and technology.

Carl Sudholz is the founder at AGContext and specialist in the integration of information technology within organisations. He holds two degrees, is a certified Business Analyst and a Director of the Australia Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis. Carl’s expertise and experience spans 15 years serving public, private and non-for-profit organisations to take control over technology.