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Business Consultants and Analysts For Sustainability

AGContext are business consultants helping people to use software to improve their profitability and sustainability.

Business. Technology. Sustainability.

Business consultants for systems that sing

Information technology is the bedrock for building a business that is both sustainable and profitable. Like a musical conductor leads a choir in perfect harmony, our independent business consultants can help make your business systems sing. We can align your people (musicians) with the right process (music) and the best information technology (instruments) so that your business is more profitable and sustainable.

As business management consultants, we often help clients who want to:

  • increase profits as a result of adopting new technology.
  • reach new customers by using new data and tools.
  • reduce admin so they can save more time.


We empower business to become more sustainable and profitable.

All for a more sustainable future

AGContext are business consultants who align business analysis and information technology with business sustainability.

The AGContext business consulting  niche

We believe that every change in business is also a chance to reduce our impact on the environment. Often the status quo remains simply because we don’t know the questions to ask or maybe we fear the unknown consequences of change. Today however, it is often the case that better sustainability and profit in our business systems, come together as pairs. These are the challenges that we love to turn into opportunity.

AGContext aims to bring together, the professional fields of business analysis, information technology and business sustainability.  As independent business consultants, we actively seek new ways to ensure our projects:

  • are viable into the future because they also lower long term costs.
  • deliver a strong return on investment as a result of the effort.
  • are socially responsible while also building team culture.
  • have a positive impact on the environment in addition to profits.

A business consultant and analyst

AGContext is one man with a life purpose to help people to use data and technology for building more profitable and sustainable businesses. On this website we often say ‘we’ because when working with Carl, you also gain from his network of experts.

Carl Sudholz, Founder

Carl Sudholz is the leading business consultant at AGContext Carl Sudholz is the Founder of AGContext. He is an experienced business management consultant with a talent for matching technology to teams. During his career, Carl has completed projects for public, private and not-for-profit organisations. He writes on the AGContext Blog to help people use business technology in better ways.

Carl holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Sustainable Practice. He is a certified business analyst and a Director of the Australia Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis.

Carl brings to all clients, his 20 years of training and expertise in software development and information management for business decision making. Through AGContext, Carl is able to leverage for the benefit of his clients, his extensive and international network of business analysts, software developers and technology experts.

Do you want to use information technology to build a more profitable and sustainable business? 

Connect with Carl

The principles that guide us

These principles are the foundation upon which our business consulting services.


Courage. Our innovation demands our daring. We listen and act in honesty and truth.

Collaboration. We work together because only through cooperation can we achieve our best.

Accountability. We always expect our clients and ourselves to deliver to the best of their ability.

Sustainability. We are stewards of the natural world because it is our past, present and future.

Integrity. We do as we say and say as we do and thus, we think, act and live with honesty.

Learning. Learning is for life because there is always another way to improve who we are.


Think Big. Our impact as business consultants is best achieved when we connect to a bigger purpose.

User Focused. Our systems should serve people, because people are our purpose.

Fit For Purpose. Our projects should be able to adapt because when things change, so should we.

Evidence Based. Take the time to consider the facts because they are the foundation of our success.

Pursue Simplicity. We design systems that are clear and transparent hence enriching and long-lasting.

Honor Complexity. We listen and take notice of the real world and therefore we seek to be holistic.