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Business Consultants and Analysts For A Sustainable Future

AGContext are business consultants helping people to use software to improve their profitability and sustainability.

Analysis. Technology. Sustainability.

Business consultants for a changing world

AGContext helps people in business improve both sustainability and profitability through better information management.

We believe that small and medium sized business is the bedrock of the Australian economy. However, we face many challenges due to the changing needs of employees and customers. This means we must transform our business systems in ways that maintain profitability, provide better customer service and also, have less impact on the environment.

AGContext was founded in 2013 by Carl Sudholz to help people in small and medium business, ‘Think Global, Act Local’. We are independent business consultants who bring together the professions of Business Analysis, Information Technology and Business Sustainability. We specialize in the use of information technology to align the systems of business with people, purpose and planet.

AGContext are business consultants who align business analysis and information technology with business sustainability.


We empower business to become more sustainable and profitable.

Carl Sudholz, Founder

Carl Sudholz is the Founder of AGContext. He is a business management consultant with 20 years of training and expertise in business information management. During his career, Carl has completed projects for public, private and not-for-profit organisations. His passion and talent for matching technology to teams has made him an invaluable part of projects large and small. He is the creator and author of the AGContext Enlighten Blog.

Carl holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Sustainable Practice. He is also a certified business analyst and the Director Secretary of the Australia Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis.

Through AGContext, Carl is able to leverage his extensive network of business consultants, analysts and specialists. Therefore, when you work with Carl, you also gain access to a world wide source of independent and trusted knowledge.

Do you want to use information technology to build a more profitable and sustainable business? 

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Business analyst Carl Sudholz can help you projectCarl Sudholz is an IIBA certified business analyst

Business consultants for a better future

Our globalized systems of business are having a massive impact upon our Earth. The fact is, the global issues of the environment such as pollution and climate change, are a direct outcome of our collective systems of production and profit in business. Therefore, to solve this crisis we must transform our business systems to remove those wastes that accumulate in nature (i.e. carbon, chemicals and plastics) and cause extreme environmental events (i.e. drought, heatwaves and storms).

To a large degree, this reality is changing the expectations of employees and customers for business, big and small. Business is expected to provide affordable products and services while also having less impact on community and environment. This can be overwhelming because it is hard to know where to start and the impact on the business bottom line is often unclear. In the end, a business can not be sustainable if it is not also profitable.

Yet, within this crisis of business, there is also a great opportunity. This is because whenever a business makes a change to their systems, it is also a chance to reduce its waste and impact. With an open mind and some clever design, both sustainability and profit can be improved as one.

The principles that guide us

These are the foundation ideals of our business consulting services.


Courage. Change demands us to be daring and thus we listen and act in truth.

Collaboration. We work together because through cooperation we achieve our best.

Accountability. We always focus on delivering to the best of our ability.

Sustainability. We are stewards of this earth because it is our past, present and future.

Integrity. We do as we say and say as we do and thus, we act and live with honesty.

Learning. Learning is for life because we can always improve what we do.


Think Big. As business consultants we are connected to the bigger picture.

Skin In The Game. Change is made by those who are empowered to make it.

Fit For Purpose. We align platforms with people in the context of their purpose.

Evidence Based. We look to the data so that we may measure our progress.

Pursue Simplicity. When systems are easy to use they have a greater impact.

Honor Complexity. We seek to find balance between ourselves and our world.