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We enable regional Australia to adapt and innovate in response to climate change

We believe that Climate Change is the biggest issue facing business in regional Australia.

Our production of food and fiber is under threat. It’s getting hotter in summer and colder in winter. Droughts are longer and floods are higher. Storms are stronger. Annual rainfall patterns are changing. Business in regional Australia has a big role to play in the global response to the crisis that is climate change. Digital technology can bring data and people together to grow, produce and distribute food and fiber in more profitable and sustainable ways.

Our mission is to bridge the gap of talent and technology in regional Australia.

In the decade until 2016, new advances in digital technology exploded: High-Speed Internet, Mobile Networks (4G, 5G, WiFi), Cloud, Big Data, Social Media, Internet of Things and many more. The skills of the Australian workforce also changed. High-skilled jobs such as those required by these new technologies, enjoyed the fastest growth rate of all (8.3%), to become almost one-third of the Australian Workforce. However, this growth was not shared equally between city and country. For Sydney and Melbourne, this growth was almost 30% above the national average whereas in many country towns, it was up to 20% below. This is the gap of talent and technology in regional Australia.

We enable business in regional Australia to use digital technology to bridge this gap: access city based talent; increase profits; decrease impacts; and most important of all, adapt and innovate in response to climate change.

Carl Sudholz, Founder

Carl Sudholz is the Principled Leader at AGContext

Carl Sudholz is the Founder of AGContext. As a professional Business Analyst specializing in the integration of technology with organisations, Carl has worked with a broad range of platforms including Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft, ESRI and Open Source, and for a number of public, private and not-for-profit organisations.

Carl holds a Bachelor of Science, Masters of Sustainable Practice and industry certifications in business analysis and project management. Carl has logged over 15,000 hours in technology projects.

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Melissa Neal, Consultant

Melissa Neal is a Senior Consultant with AGContext

Melissa Neal, is an experienced agribusiness and community development professional with expertise in data management and decision support systems for Australian livestock agriculture. Melissa’s expertise spans the whole-of-supply-chain including on-farm management, meat processing, animal transport and industry relations.

A respected leader in her regional community, Melissa was recognised as the 2014 Victorian Rural Ambassador and 2016 Emerging Leader in Victorian Agriculture by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria.

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We are driven by our mission and guided by our values.


Courage. Our innovation demands our daring. To seek feedback and listen; say what needs to be said; be frank and fearless; and take action.

Collaboration. Our work depends on the involvement, input and support of others. It is through cooperation that we achieve excellence.

Accountability. We expect people to perform and to deliver. We meet our milestones. We see the job done. We merit actions over words.

Sustainability. To safeguard the long term health of the natural world and the possibilities of our future generations is core to all decisions.

Integrity. It is our responsibility to ensure that we do as we say and say as we do. That we do the honourable thing at all times and in all cases.

Learning. It is through continued learning that we improve ourselves and those around us. Learning is for life and for everyone.


Think Big. Our influence and impact is best achieved when we enable our clients to connect their day-to-day process to their bigger purpose.

User Focused. Understanding the context and needs of the people who should benefit from a project, is fundamental to project success.

Fit For Purpose. Our practise should adapt to the project and its context. As problems and people change, so to do our plans and solutions.

Evidence Based. It is by good-process that high-quality information is gathered. Evidence is the foundation on which progress is built.

Pursue Simplicity. We always seek to create simplicity in our work. Simplicity is pure, ingenious, transparent, enriching and long-lasting.

Honor Complexity. We do not ignore the natural complexity of our reality. We pursue solutions that are holistic, comprehensive and effective.