AGContext Business Systems – We match software with business

AGContext® are Independent Business Analysts who match software with businesses.  We enable people to gain control with better information management. We work online and locally with businesses across the Riverina region New South Wales including Wagga Wagga, Albury and Griffith.

We match software with business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Campaign Management, Online Platforms, Remote Work, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, Marketing Automation and Data Analytics.

This is the new jargon in today’s fast moving world of internet powered business software.

It is overwhelming, confusing and frustrating!

We help people in small and medium business overcome all of this.

We select and integrate the best combination of internet tools that you need to create the smart business systems that you want.

Free up valuable resources

Automate process so you can save time from work of low value.

Deliver better customer service

Create loyal customers because you make life easier for them.

Use your business data wisely

Grow your business as a result of more data driven decisions.

Future proof your business

Be in control of your systems so that you stay ahead in your game.

In other words…

At AGContext® we help people match software with business in any given context.


Independent business analysis for a better world

Carl Sudholz is an Independent Business Analyst and founder of AGContext®.

He specializes in internet enabled customer and finance management systems. He has over 15 years of experience across many major business platforms including Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite, Oracle, Salesforce, Xero, MYOB and many others. Carl has evaluated hundreds of internet technologies for business.

Our company name is pronounced a-gee context as in the phrase: ‘any given context’.

Carl believes that business analysis plus internet technology is key to solving the biggest sustainability challenges in business and the world, including environmental pollution, economic inequity and climate change. This is because business analysis empowers us to identify, design and manage these new information systems of business that perform better across profit, people and planet.


Carl Sudholz is an Independent Business Analyst who can help you gain control in your business.

10 top lessons from 20 years experience

In 2018, the size of the global market for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software exceeded US$40 billion dollars. Contributing to this are many hundreds of products. Between 2015 and 2019, this software marketplace has increased in size by almost 50%, making it the largest individual category of business software.

Today, there is a CRM software tool for every business of every size and industry.

This eBook contains the ten universal principles of unlocking the potential of internet technology to grow your business. These lessons have been tried and tested through twenty years of applied project experience within both government and business organisations. They are the foundation of the work we do.


Ebook Cover - 10 Lessons That Will Unlock Customer Software For Saving You Time and Money

How internet technology enables sustainable business

The AGContext® Blog is all about why and how internet technology is used to enable a more sustainable and profitable business.


What our clients say

“Thank you for all your work you have done regarding searching and finding our new Customer Management System. The way you worked with us to learn how our business operated what was required for our new system was very professional and nothing was a problem. The new CRM that you have implemented has been everything you promised and more and has made our quoting, customer management and daily bookings one easy process so much more professional than previous, and the feedback we have got back from our customers has been extremely positive, I have no hesitation in recommending you services to anyone.”

Rowan Laurent, Owner – Solar Tinting Centre, Wagga Wagga New South Wales

“AGContext enabled us to make transforming change in our business to organise and supply our national customer orders more easily and efficiently.”

Janine Sounness, Commercialisation Manager – PBSeeds, Horsham Victoria