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Welcome to AGContext – Business Analyst Consultants

AGContext are business analysts and IT Consultants who help people to use data and information for improving profit and sustainability. We serve business owners and managers across regional New South Wales and Victoria.

Save Time. Gain Control.

Empowering business in times of digital change.

Digital Transformation, Virtual Workplace, Cloud, Big Data, Process Automation and Sustainability.

These words are on everyone’s lips when talking about today’s fast moving digital world.

But what do these trends mean for your business?

The answer is in how you manage your business data and information.

Welcome to AGContext Business Systems.

AGContext can help you to save time and gain control in your business with better information management.

Carl Sudholz is an independent IT consultant and business analyst who can help you to get more from your business data and information technology.

Use your business data wisely

Grow your business as a result of more data driven decisions.

Free up valuable resources

Automate process so you can save time from work of low value.

Deliver better services

Create loyal customers because you make life easier for them.

Future proof your business

Be in control of your systems so that you stay ahead in your game.

Business analyst and IT consulting services.

Yes! Carl can help you to save time and gain control with your business data and information technology.

As an independent IT Consultant, Carl can help you to align the best-fit technology with your your unique business needs.

Carl is a certified Business Analyst with specialist experience in customer and finance management systems including Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite, Salesforce, Xero, MYOB and many others.

Carl has been a Microsoft Excel Developer for almost 20 years. He has developed business applications in Microsoft Access and Sharepoint. He has supported business managers to use Microsoft Office 365 since its initial release.

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What Carl’s clients say.

“Carl is very detail orientated and produced excellent results for the company. I was impressed by his positive attitude and quick grasp of some of our technicalities.”

Andrew Brown, Business Improvement Specialist – ASB Solutions

The AGContext Blog.

The AGContext Blog explores how to improve your information management so that you can save time and gain control in your business.


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