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Every business is reliant on some form of information-technology, yet few have control over it.

For most people at work, the world of information-technology is unfamiliar and stressful. Keeping up with techno-trends is overwhelming and confusing. Knowing which solution is best fit for your organisation both now and for the future, is frustrating and time-consuming.

As a small to medium size enterprise, staying strong in the globally competitive world means knowing which information-technology solution is the best fit for your situation. You need to connect the right systems with effective process, with all being used and managed by capable people. Only then can you begin to make the technology work effectively for your everyday process and to the advantage of your customers.

At AGContext, we are Information Systems Consultants who help you to take-control over information-technology and thereby drive the growth of your organisation, now and into the future.

Take Control And Create Your Future


There are thousands of solutions, products and services available to your business. None will be a perfect match. Your systems must connect the right technologies in the right way.


Great services are created when your workplace processes align with the functions of your technology and the capabilities of your people. Everything working together for your customers.


When you empower your people to think creatively, share ideas and take action to deliver, you generate more innovative solutions, higher performing teams and a faster rate of growth.


  • Business Integration – a precise definition
    Business Integration – a precise definition

    Business Integration is a new and emerging practice for managing information-technology in business.  It is in response to an observation that, as information-technology becomes more advanced, the less business value it delivers.

  • What is technology?
    What is technology?

    To take control over technology means first to understand it. Clear language is key. Yet, in English, the word ‘technology’ is clumsily defined. Our current definition does not recognize the key defining properties of the thing we are trying to define.

  • #25xmastips 4 #agtech Week 4
    #25xmastips 4 #agtech Week 4

    These are videos from week four of #25xmastips 4 #agtech on #AGContextTV.