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  • It’s Automagical. Not
    It’s Automagical. Not

    Automagical! Hooray!! Yes, the term ‘automagical’, is making a comeback into the advertising and commentary about technology automation? But buyer beware!

  • ‘Does It All Software’ Does Not Exist
    ‘Does It All Software’ Does Not Exist

    The idea that you can have a single software application that does everything for your business is an elusive dream that you will never ever come true. 

  • Business Integration – a precise definition
    Business Integration – a precise definition

    Business Integration is a new and emerging practice for the integration of information-technology into everyday business process.  It is in response to an observation that, as information-technology becomes more advanced, the less business value it delivers.

Business Integration Specialists enabling regional Australia to Take Control Over Technology


Regional Australia is reliant on information technology. The Internet, The Cloud, The National Broadband Network and The Internet of Things. The owners, managers and innovators of regional Australia must work-smart to close the information technology and talent gaps, between city and country. Only with the tools of information technology firmly under our control, will we expand our position within the evermore globalised world.

Yet, for most people at work, information technology is unfamiliar and stressful. Keeping up with techno-trends is like drinking from a fire-hose. Navigating the sheer volume of technology products in the marketplace is overwhelming. You find yourself wondering why the promised benefits of your technology investments are not seen in your numbers.

You need to know how to:

  1. navigate the technology marketplace and identify the products best fit for you.
  2. find and manage the best technology talent from beyond your local community.
  3. adopt and adapt technology into your business without hurting your business.
  4. use technology for the advantage of your customers and our regional communities.

You need to take control over technology.

At AGContext, we are Business Integration Specialists who are enabling the organisations of regional Australia, to take control over information technology and deliver services with confidence, collaboration and creativity.

Take Control Over Technology with Business Integration


There are thousands of information technology platforms and products available. None will perfectly match your needs. You must integrate the best-fit systems in the best-fit way for your business.


Great services are created when your workplace processes align with the functions of your technology and the capabilities of your people. Everything working together for your customers.


When you empower your people to think creatively, share ideas and take action to deliver, you generate more innovative solutions, higher performing teams and a faster rate of growth.