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Do you want to harness the power of data to unlock an unstoppable competitive edge?

From driving more customers to staying one step ahead of your competitors, our Data Opportunity Scan will boost your company’s performance with the power of data.

We make managing your data faster, more efficient & effortless.

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It’s undeniable:

Your company’s data is incredibly empowering - but also challenging.

  • Breaking through data silos...
  • Managing huge volumes of information…
  • Gaining accurate insights.
85 %

In fact, 85% of businesses don’t know how to analyze the data they’ve already collected.

And without strong data insights, you’re not just inefficient - you’re also vulnerable:

  • Poor judgements.  
  • Missed opportunities.
  • Slow decision making.

From entering a new market to launching a new product, failing to understand your data will seriously cost your business.

But that’s exactly how we’ll help you:

We turn your ‘big data’ into ‘great data’...

With our Data Opportunity Scan, you’ll gain a competitive edge, improve your decision making & boost your overall success.

Our team of elite data consultants will analyse your business, teach you exactly how to harness the power of data & create actionable, practical recommendations:

...You’ll learn how to stay one step ahead of your competitors

....You’ll be empowered with smarter, more insightful decisions

....And you’ll gain an unstoppable competitive edge.

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How Does It Work?

Saving you time, resources & delivering you ROI every step of the way, our Data Opportunity Scan will become indispensable for your business.

Split into four phases, here’s how it works...


Opportunity Workshop:

This insightful half-day workshop with your key ‘data’ stakeholders delivers three crucial sessions:

  • Session 1 - with sixty minutes of ‘golden lessons’, this inspiring session quickly brings everyone up-to-speed with cutting-edge data driven decision making techniques.
  • Session 2 - this time-saving brainstorming session helps your business identify the most useful, efficient sources of data available for your organisation.
  • Session 3 - here you’ll identify the key stakeholders your organisation is seeking to serve and support. Our consultants will then follow up with them in Phase 2 of the scan.


Opportunity Interviews:

Equipped with the learnings from Phase 1, we’ll begin 2 insightful streams of analysis.

We’ll evaluate how your organisation can become more efficient, more value-driven and more focused when managing your data.

The first analysis is a high-level user needs assessment:

Our consultants will follow up with your key stakeholders to understand how data and people interact in your organisation.

In our second analysis stream, our technical specialists will sit down with your core data & technology leaders to discuss the ‘ins and outs’ of your data.

We’ll also conduct a document analysis of your resources including annual reports, division reports and project lessons logs.


Opportunity Analysis:

Here’s where everything comes together!

We’ll produce an insightful report outlining your easy-wins, best opportunities & high priorities.

We’ll also frame the biggest problems you face right now and explain how to solve them successfully.

Our report is concluded by a series of actionable steps & recommendations to help you unlock better decisions, better consensus and better execution across your organisation.​


Opportunity Presentation:

The results and recommendations of the scan is delivered to you and your people through a two hour presentation.

We will go over the opportunities and high priorities of the report and present the evidence behind our conclusions. We will take the take to discuss what needs to happen next so that you may take action on your opportunities. 

The Data Opportunity Scan is complete when you have a clear path forward to unlock the potential of your data to support decision makers that you consider most important. ​

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Discover how to harness the power of your data quickly, easily & effortlessly.

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From driving more customers to boosting your sales, you’ll discover a whole host of profitable opportunities to boost your company’s performance.

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Technology & data is becoming indispensable... Our opportunity scan delivers you a vital competitive edge.

Never Miss a Beat

Unlock accurate, precise data analytics that will keep you ahead of the game.

Protect Your Business

Smarter data management means your vital information is more secure & protected.

Easy-to-Set Up

From technical analysis to key recommendations, we do all the hard work!

Competitive Advantage

Learn how to stay one step ahead of your competitors with smarter data-driven decisions.

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